jimin and hoseok dancing to touch my body for the 83029180535th time BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY HOSEOK’S BACK

Presenting you all, the CEO of Woollim Entertaiment. (pt. 1)

lee changsub


doing airport fashion


the right way


EXO 90:2014 Ep.6 || CHANBAEK♥

fave bts pairings: yoongi x jimin
↳ If you had to live on a non-inhabited island for 3 years, which member would you take with you? Jimin. So I can boss him around. I’m just kidding. I don’t talk much and I’m not funny, but Jimin is amiable and mature, so we match well.
jackson and dongwook's first encounter

ABCs with BTOB → D for Dumb (but we love you guys)